What kind of services do you need?

Should you have any linguistic problems, we'll be happy to help.


When a text requires translation, we will be happy to help. Our language selection includes Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, and Russian. The length and contents of an individual translation commission vary; we translate e.g. user manuals, letters and marketing materials such as brochures and web pages.

Interpretation services

Interpretation is required to ensure that the information delivered in a multilingual situation is conveyed accurately and without an error. It is most convenient for the speaker to be able to deliver in their native tongue in order to be fully able to focus on their topic. Our interpreters abide to the professional confidentiality regulations and always remain neutral in any situation.


We also offer proofreading services. Grammatically precise text boosts the credibility of your company, so grammar should be taken into account. Grammatical errors in announcements and marketing material hinder understanding the text and may even lead up to misunderstandings. We will check and correct the grammar, the punctuation, and the sentence structure of your text.

Confidentiality and data protection

All commissions and related material are handled according to the confidentiality regulations at all times. Also your personal data is handled confidentially and is never shared with other parties without need. Our members provide a data protection description with every work offer, explaining how your personal data is handled and saved. This data protection description is compliant with the GDPR, which came into effect May 2018. The data protection description is always available on request from the member who is responsible for your commission.